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We’ve been cleaning carpets and upholstery since 1996.  We added pick-up and delivery service in 2005 when our new shop opened.

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Frequently asked questions


Arundel Oriental Rug Cleaners can responsibly clean and brighten your oriental and area rugs!

Cleaning charges are based on square foot measurements to the nearest eighth inch.  Fringe is included in the measurement because we clean it!  We also charge a reasonable pick-up and delivery fee per order, regardless of the number of rugs we clean for you in that order.   This keeps your square foot charge lower.  Please call for a free phone estimate.

We will pre-arrange with you to pick up your rug from your covered porch, breezeway, garage, sun porch or parked vehicle in your yard or work place if you are away from your home during the day.

Moving?  Downsizing?  Gifting the rug to your children?  Pick-up from one location and delivery to another local location is available.   Thirty day free storage is available.

Yes.  Please remember most fringe is constructed of cotton, which is a much weaker fiber than wool.  It will not last as long as your wool or synthetic rug, and may need replacing.  Call us for a referral.

We call you to arrange a convenient delivery time.  Generally, the rugs are returned within 7 to 10 days.  A rug is not dropped off if you do not know it is coming, or if the rug would not be protected from getting wet or re-soiled.

We offer moth proofing (spray) and wrapping in paper and/or plastic for long term storage or moving purposes at a nominal charge.  Storage for a longer term at our shop is available for a monthly storage fee per rug. We regularly check the rugs in our long term storage area.

Rug cleaning frequency depends on the amount of traffic on the rug.  Pets, children, and food on the rug and the rug’s location in your home hasten its soiling.  Some older heating and cooling systems can also leave soiling on your rugs and carpets.   Many of our customers clean in the spring and fall, and many others just once a year.  Our customers with respiratory issues clean more frequently.  A very few customers have waited 20 years between cleanings.  These wool carpets have cleaned well, but we don’t recommend you wait that long!

We send out annual reminder postcards for your convenience.  We can offer a spray-on Scotch Guard coating that helps delay re-soiling to protect your investment at a per square foot charge. 

“The Von Schrader system had superior cleaning ability on soiled carpet and  cleaned areas resisted re-soiling to a much greater degree compared to the four other methods tested.”  Quoted from fiber and carpet maintenance researchers on the Von Schrader web site:

No, our process will not leave residual, harmful chemicals on your carpets.  Pets and children are safe, even when we clean for you in your home.  Von Shrader cleaning agents have been Green Seal ® certified since 2006.*  Von Schrader systems also use 80% less water, and save electricity in the drying process.  The carpets are left with a clean, delicate citrus smell that does not irritate our customers.  Nor are you exposed to potential mold or mildew because of excessive moisture left behind.

You may pay us with a check or cash at the time of delivery.  If there are additional charges incurred in cleaning your rug, we will call and ask you before proceeding with the cleaning.

No.  We are not set up to do any major rug repairs, nor do we carry any products for resale.   We have a list of people and companies to refer to you for stretching wall to wall carpeting, binding, re-fringing and padding purchase.  Call for names and numbers.  Occasionally, we can re-secure small sections of fringe, binding, or braided rug sections by hand at a per hour charge.

Yes, for both carpet and rug replacement, furnishings and liability.


* Green Seal is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products.  There are other third-party certification standards in the marketplace; however, Green Seal ® Standards are the most stringent and comprehensive.


I can’t manage to roll my rugs.  What is your policy for pick-up?

If you are physically unable to roll the rugs and move them to the door for us to pick up, we will certainly help you roll and unroll the carpet upon return.  We have gliders to help move heavy furniture off of the rug. We prefer that the rugs be rolled and ready at an exterior door for us to carry to the van.  If you decide to clean additional rugs, just have them ready with the original order, and we will gladly add them.  We try to do a quick inspection before pick-up to determine if we can clean the rug, or if the rug has insect infestation that might endanger other rugs already on the van and in our shop.  We reserve the right to refuse to clean a rug because of excessive pet urine or moth infestation.